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Multifunctional Silicone Facial Brush

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Washing your face is critical for preventing unsavory issues like acne and premature aging. Cleansing just using hand is the most simple and direct way, but not a completely clean way. Experience the feeling of a gentle cleansing and exfoliating massage with R&R soft silicone non-abrasive exfoliating brush. Regardless of skincare products you use, for them to be fully effective you must first prepare your skin by unclogging (opening) your pores and removing dead skin. Try to see and feel the difference this little ergonomically shaped brush makes in your daily routine! 

Effect: Improve the efficacy of your favorite face cream, serum, oil, or other skincare products by properly cleansing your skin with R&R soft and gentle silicone face brush. Should your skin is clogged, no matter how expensive your skincare products are, they will not be effective!

Easy to use:

  1. Place the brush on your middle finger or pointer.
  2. Use it dry or by adding water with or without your regular cleanser. 
  3. Use in a circular motion to lift dirt, makeup, and to exfoliate the skin. The brush is soft and flexible and allows you to clean well around your nose and other hard to reach places. It's super fine bristles can be used to clean your neck and decolletage.

Results after use: Cleaner, softer, smoother, younger-looking skin that's now ready for any skincare treatment or facial cupping massage.

Multi-function: facial cleansing deeply, blackhead removal, exfoliation, massage. Helps soften the skin, promote facial blood circulation, improve skin absorption of following skincare products.

Size:  3 inches x 2.75 inches.

Material: The soft silicone nodules are hygienic and anti-bacterial, anti-oxidation, and durable. It is made of soft and flexible silicone with bristles on the surface designed to be non-abrasive, gentle, and friendly for any skin type. Dry fast and won't mold ever.

Unique Design: A ring handle designed to be worn around your finger for better function and easy control. When done, simply wash the brush and use the suction cup to attach it to the wall, mirror, or anywhere. The tiny dense and soft bristles will gently clean your pores, remove blackheads, clean away face oil, and provide a fantastic facial massage. Portable and lightweight, convenient for you to carry when traveling.