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Relieve Migraines At-Home With A Simple Massage Technique Using The R&R

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Just Three Steps To Migraine Relief At Home

Step one

Apply oil to the sore spot

Step two

Squeeze and suction to the skin

Step three

Slide around the area for an active massage (Keep the cup moving to avoid marks)


Q: How long should I do the massage?

A: R&R recommends no longer than five minutes for a deep tissue massage in one place and ten minutes for an active massage. (There is a possibility for bruising the skin if left in place long enough, but this is not permanent and will go away in a few days)

Q: What kind of oil should I use?

A: Any kind of oil will work. R&R recommends a fragrant oil or even a lotion which will make you feel refreshed.

Q: I want to buy these cups, but I also want to be green. What happens to the cups after I'm finished with them?

A: R&R will take your cups back at the end of their life cycle and use the silicone material for a new type of product. (New yoga mat, anyone?)


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