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Looking for Gift Ideas? A Cupping Set Can Be a Perfect Choice!

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The holiday season is just around the corner. The cool breeze is almost whispering the happy thoughts of merry-making and celebrations. This is also a time to come up with gift ideas for your loved ones. Although we’re still in the middle of pandemic, the art of giving and sharing should not be forgotten. Though most of us can’t be together this coming holiday season, we can still send our love and care through amazing gifts, whether big or small. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. A cupping set, for instance, may look like a simple item, but it can make a massive difference.


The Gift of Wellness, Beauty and Health Care

When it comes to coming up with the best gift to give, there can be various factors that you may consider. Some may worry about the price or the perfect theme of the gift to give. Before we delve in finalizing the kind of gift that we will give, let’s talk first on what we can gain from sharing a gift.

According to an article published in ThriveGlobal, gift giving is a very important act. In the article’s introduction, it was stated:

“Gifts have always been an important part whenever you wish to develop a healthy and loving relationship. This is because gifts tend to offer numerous benefits aimed at making your relationship get stronger and last forever.  While most relationships are unique in their own way, nobody can deny the impact that gifts have when it comes to creating a stronger bond and maintaining deeper connections with one another.”

The act of gift-giving shows appreciation and makes a relationship stronger. In the end, the article concluded:

“Gift-giving is an act that has always been in existence since time immemorial. However, you should not push yourself to the limits if you are to offer the perfect gift as it will only make you feel stressed. Whether you are looking for gifts for her or him, you have to remember that the simplest things in life when offered with love and care will always be the perfect gift. Make an effort to gift your loved one and see how your relationship is going to change for the better.”

Some of the known benefits of gift giving are as follow:

-          It fills the heart with joy and happiness

-          It promotes empathy

-          It builds spiritual habit

-          It surprises someone and evokes a positive thought

-          It strengthens your connection with others

Nowadays, it doesn’t necessarily need a gift to be expensive. What matters is, of course, the thought and the intention why you choose to give that gift. One great idea to think of when you’re planning to give a gift is to choose items that will help promote health and wellness. The benefits it can provide are paramount.

According to Achieve Wellness Spa, one tip that you can have is to give the gift of wellness. It stated:

“The importance of health and wellness has grown tremendously within recent years, so why not treat your loved ones to a gift that benefits them in more ways than one? This gift can come in many forms — from a relaxing vacation, pampering bath products or even a day at the spa. Gifts based on wellness show that you truly care about the wellbeing of that person.”

You can also consider giving some items such as beauty products, health care items, massage kits, and others.

Cupping Gift Set from Rave and Rejuvenate: Items That You’ll Love to Share

If you’re still wondering and still can’t finalize a gift that you will give to someone, then the following items from you Rave and Rejuvenate can definitely help. It will not only make someone indulge in relaxation, but will also improve health and wellness.

#1 Facial Cupping Set – Set of 5

It’s time to integrate cupping into your daily regimen to rejuvenate your skin. This is a set of five which will help to fight skin ageing and other skin problems. At an affordable price, you can have a set that can aid in an effective facial therapy.

What you’ll get with this cupping set?

Facial cups kit: 2 anti-aging skincare cups for face and jaw + 2 eye lift massaging cups  + 1  exfoliating facial brush for daily deep cleaning.

To find more information about this set, as well as the steps on how to use it, then you can check it here.

#2 Body Cupping Set – Set of 6

With vacuum cupping massage you can very effectively reduce body cellulite layer and contribute to the reduction or total removal of fatigue and pain, promoting healthy immune and respiratory function. You can alleviate having cellulite by utilizing these home cellulite remedies.

With the help of cupping massage, you will be able to effectively penetrate various layers of skin to reach the fascia. It can help loosen and break down globules of the fat leading to the effectively flushing them from your body. As a result, cupping improves the overall appearance of your targeted areas.

What do you get with this set?

Set includes: 2 Large (2") + 4 Small (1.5") body cupping glass

Material: quality silicone, soft and elastic, easy to squeeze, strong suction, durable and skin-friendly

Here’s where you can check this set and turn it into a gift item. Worry not on how to use it, because we’ve provided the steps on how to use it.

#3 Anti-Cellulite Cupping Set of 3

Let’s admit it. A lot of people are having issues dealing with cellulites. They physically look not great and affect self-confidence. However, today’s world offers various treatment and ways on how to alleviate this. There’s no more suffering and worrying about having these fat deposits on your skin. And yes, it can be an ideal gift to your friends, as well.

What do you get with this set?

Cellulite Removal Cupping Set includes: 2 Small 1.5” Body Cup + 1 Large 2” Body Cup  (User guide included)

With this cupping set, you’ll easily and effectively get rid of cellulite.  

You’ll need just five minutes of cupping and 30 minutes deep tissue massage. Use massage oils or creams for more amazing results. Your skin will definitely look PLUS, feel smoother & firmer with an obvious reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Simply make a vacuum with the cups and massage for about 8 minutes to get smooth, radiant-looking skin.

Check out this cupping set here.

#4 Eye, Face, Body and Leg Cupping Set – Set of 5

Here’s another great deal for your beloved ones. It’s a perfect gift of wellness and beauty. Rave and Rejuvenate All-in-one Face & Body Cupping Set with 4 Premium pieces plus a FREE exfoliating brush is designed with great convenience and portability. Like other R&R Premium cups, this set helps to stimulate collagen that drains the dimple and fills up the lines. Besides, it gives your skin healthy and tight from head to toes.

What you’ll get with this All-in-one Face & Body cupping kit?

1 X Large 2” Body Cup

1 X Small 1.5” Body Cup

1 X Facial 0.75” Cup

1 X Eye 0.25” Cup

1 X BONUS Exfoliating Silicone Face Brush

Check this amazing gift set here.

#5 PRO Self-Care & Body Cupping Set – Set of 8

An interesting way to know about this PRO Self-care and Body Cupping set - another ideal gift item for you to share. The PRO Self-Care Face & Body Cupping Set functions to stimulate collagen that drains the dimple and fills up the lines for a healthy and tight skin from head to toes.

 What you’ll get from this set?

PRO body and facial cupping kit - 7 pieces:  (User guide included)

1 X Large 2” Body Cup

2 X Small 1.5” Body Cups

2 X Facial 0.75” Cups

2 X Eye 0.25” Cups

1 X BONUS Exfoliating Silicone Face Brush

This set can do the following: Improving blood circulation, Instant Facelift, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, decreasing puffiness, and relaxing muscles or plump lips.

You can check this gift item here.

#6 Multi-function Silicone Facial Brush

Washing your face is crucial to get rid of unsavory problems such as acne and premature aging. Cleansing just using the hand is the most common and simple way. However, this does not result in a complete clean. Experience the feeling of a gentle cleansing and exfoliating massage with R&R soft silicone non-abrasive exfoliating brush. Regardless of skincare products you use, for them to be fully effective you must first prepare your skin by unclogging (opening) your pores and removing dead skin. Try to see and feel the difference this little ergonomically-shaped brush contributes in your daily routine!

How does it help your skin? It aids in improving the efficacy of your favorite face cream, serum, oil, and other skincare products. This can be done by properly cleansing your skin with R&R soft and gentle silicone face brush. Should your skin be clogged, no matter how expensive your skincare products are, they will not work effectively.

Check out this wonderful gift item here.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that the spirit of sharing and giving is not measured by the amount of the gift itself. Rather, its value should be felt and appreciated because of the essence and thoughts of who gave it. It should be wrapped not only by fancy papers and covers, but with love, care, and joy. From us at Rave and Rejuvenate, we would love to suggest giving a gift set of wellness and health such as a cupping set. Let its wonders work for you and the people dear to you.


Happy gifting!


Rave and Rejuvenate.

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