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How to Throw a Cupping Massage Party

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Everyone loves a good party, but there are so many details to bring it all together. A massage party is a great way to enjoy getting together with family and friends. It is ideal for people who love new and innovative ideas, plus it’s simple to do. Just gather your family and friends who want to join the fun, and learn more about cupping massage while enjoying the benefits. Your guests will surely love the idea of turning your lovely home into a cool and extravagant massage party house and you want to relish the attention which will surely be lavished upon opening the doors and they will see your newly created spa environment. You’ll need to decide how much time and energy you have. You can take the easy route by buying the all-in-one cupping set readily available online. 

Tips for Hosting a Relaxing and Meaningful Cupping Massage Party

  • Set the mood – make your guests fell relaxed like they are at the massage spa. Set your home like a great massage spa environment by putting a:
  • Essential oils
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Oil-cupping-massage

  • Make space and move away from unnecessary furniture out of the large room and create an open space with only comfortable setting, pillows, and a table. You may want to put some magazines on a table including beauty and healthy living tips.

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  • Beautify not only on the outside but also inside. Give your guests the full experience by making them fell beautiful in the inside as well as the inside. Serve them healthy and nutritious food like vegetable and fruits in a festive container:
  • cherries and strawberries in a large wine glass
  • fruit punch and lettuce salad
  • water with cucumber or lemon
  • Detox-after-cupping-therapy-RnRLvng
  • If you’re going for an evening restful tone, light the scented candles and dim the lights low, spray some scents for a relaxing mind. If you are going for a bright massage day, open those large curtains to reveal your freshly cleaned windows and the beautiful scenic view along with the garden.
  • Cupping-party-RnRLvng

  • Prepare that soothing music. Try to find music that will give you serenity and without lyrics. Why no lyrics? In order to create some restful ambiance. We always listen to music with lyrics, let them experience what is like to listen with the melody only. We find that as soon as the singer vocalizes lyrics, the brain automatically deciphers or interprets that information.
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  • Bring in that scents. Scented candles and oils, fresh flowers wafting thru the air introduces aromatherapy. Your aromatherapy can be as simple as crockpot with flower petals, set on low heat with the lid off to simmer all day.

  • Cupping-massage-party-RnRLvng-At-Home
  • Once your guests arrive tell them to turn off their phone and collect them in a basket if necessary. This may be a tough rule to enforce but we assure you it will be well worth it.

  •  We hope we’ve provided you with ample tips and ideas to create your own and unique massage cupping and spa at home. We’d love to hear some of your tips, ideas, innovation, feedback, and resources in our comment box below. If you like it, we would love for you to share this post with your friends and relatives.

    Enjoy cupping!

    R&R Team.

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