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Benefits of Facial Cupping Therapy for Women

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For most women, staying young and beautiful is an important journey to keeping their self-love and confidence. Seeing themselves in the mirror and witnessing that they still look blooming and stress-free provides more than a little happiness. It’s a life-changing scenario when a woman stares at her reflection and feels enough self-esteem to get herself ready for anything. However, not all women are the same, in much the same way that beauty is unique in each person’s eyes. The fact that we are all facing a lot of stress and negativities nowadays can explain why some women are now losing the confidence they should have in themselves. Various factors contribute to premature aging and other health problems. But the good thing is that there are various methods and solutions that are now available to help every woman become a better version of themselves. Introducing – facial cupping therapy!

What is Facial Cupping Therapy?

We may already be familiar with facials and skincare procedures that technology and medical procedures are now providing us with. We love entering a salon or a massage center to give ourselves a little pampering. We all want to indulge ourselves sometimes and feel great despite all the negative factors we face each day. With all the many available treatments and techniques nowadays when it comes to facial and skincare, what makes each one stand out from the other is the quality results and reliability of products and services.


Cupping therapy is an alternative therapy that uses suction cups to stimulate the skin and muscles. It can be used on either the face or the body. Body cupping is used to lessen aches and body pains usually leaving red to violet mark-like bruises. While facial cupping is used to invigorate the skin and won’t leave cup marks behind because cups used in facial therapy are typically smaller and softer.

History unfolds the interesting journey of cupping therapy from the past to what it is at present. This is supported by a narrative review published by An introduction in its abstract stated:

“Cupping (Hijama in Arabic) is an ancient, holistic method for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Though the exact origin of cupping therapy is a matter of controversy, its use has been documented in early Egyptian and Chinese medical practices. Diverse human civilizations have contributed to the historical development and continuation of cupping therapy. This narrative review describes the history of cupping, historical definitions, cupping instruments and uses of cupping therapy.”

The article also mentioned that currently, “the scope of cupping therapy is expanding, and a growing body of research is providing additional evidence-based data for the further advancement of cupping therapy in the treatment of a variety of diseases.”

Facial cupping therapy is also commonly practiced in Asia which is deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. This method has been around for decades, but really became a hit trend in 2016 and it hasn’t slowed down since. It has become not only a beauty trend (because of the various celebrities, athletes, and famous personalities using it) but also a significant practice to achieve wellness or improve overall health.

Women are now utilizing this method as a part of their skincare regimen. While it is usually done in local spas under the care of a professional, it can also be done at home using at-home cupping kits. Just a reminder that facial cupping is done by constantly moving the cup around the face to prevent leaving marks behind.

And ultimately, make sure to consult your doctor before trying facial cupping therapy to know if it is recommended for the type of skin you have.

Resolution Health shares 7 amazing benefits of cupping massage. These benefits include:

  • Improving varicose veins and spider veins
  • Reducing scars and stretch marks
  • Alleviating anxiety
  • Removing toxins from the body
  • Improving digestion
  • Reducing the frequency of asthma-related symptoms
  • Increasing blood circulation

Nevertheless, despite the many possible uses, facial cupping therapy is said to have been effective for many ailments. But what are some other benefits of facial cupping therapy for women?

# 1 According to experts, facial cupping therapy is a great way to detoxify the skin.

Facial cupping serves as a way to cleanse the skin from within. It helps to remove toxins and impurities that may harm your skin on the face.

# 2 It stimulates the production of collagen which is responsible for improving skin elasticity

Facial cupping increases the diffusion and receptivity of skin cell nutrients. This stimulates collagen and elastin, which helps to restore new and healthy skin tissue.

# 3 It promotes increased blood circulation thus producing oxygen-rich lifeblood in the face.

As mentioned by, cupping can help improve blood circulation in the face and whole body.

“The suction promotes increased blood circulation, which may help relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, and aid in other regeneration”, on the other hand, agrees with that. In one of its articles, it stated:

“Facial cupping is meant to increase blood circulation and stimulate the facial cells that are responsible for collagen production. In turn, this can brighten your skin, minimize the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and tone your chin, jawline, and neck by decreasing puffiness.”

Facial cupping is one of the most obvious ways to achieve younger-looking and better feeling skin. The magnetic-cupping technique intends to increase local chi, improve blood circulation, and develop nutrients to the surface of the face. The Hands of Life stated the following about magnetic cupping:

“Magnetic Cupping is wonderfully different, the strength levels of the magnets are appropriately applied to your meridian lines balancing your energy while loosening the tight muscular fibers. Think of an MRI, a huge magnet that allows us to use its power to see through the body. Literally, while you’re alive and breathing, without cutting you open. Wow right!?! Now imagine a session where softer magnets join the suction of cupping. They are used to help your body discharge disruptive energy. Like when we touch the doorknob and it shocks us. Magnetic Cupping is safe but not for those who have internal devices, like a pacemaker.”

 # 4 It helps decrease oil production in the face that will help minimize pimple and acne-related problems.

Facial cupping is said to help reduce the risk of getting too much oil. As we all know, an oily face is where pimples and acne develop. With an effective facial cupping therapy regimen, you can assure yourself to get clearer and glowing skin.

Other benefits of cupping are below:

# 5 Facial cupping therapy also decreases puffiness.

# 6 It helps tone the jawline and neckline for a more contoured face.

# 7 Facial cupping therapy also helps reduce muscle tension.

# 8 Over time, facial cupping therapy improves the complexion and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. This is according to Ananda Emily Reese, Lac, of Reese Acupuncture.

It is important to keep in mind that whenever you are going to have facial cupping – outside or even at home, always ask help from the experts. Of course, it is also imperative to use facial cupping materials, just like the one from Rave and Rejuvenate.


Facial Cupping Set @ 25.99

It’s time to discover how facial cupping can be done in the comfort of your home. It’s easiest if you can clean your face in the morning and the evening while in the shower. Then do a brief facial cupping session. Facial cupping for 10 minutes will definitely make every woman feel invigorated and ready to attack the day when done regularly!

Facial Cupping Kit 

Facial Cupping Set

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What do you get with this set?

  • Facial cup kit: 2 anti-aging skincare cups for face and jaw + 2 eye lift massaging cups  + 1  exfoliating facial brush for daily deep cleaning.
  • Effects:  Improves blood circulation, Instant Facelift, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, decrease puffiness, relax muscles, plump lips.
  • Premium material: the facial cupping kit is made of soft, flexible, and high-quality silicone cups. These cups are easy to squeeze and generate strong suction.
  • Results: To see better results, use consistently with your favorite skincare product (oil, moisturizer, serum) for at least 4-6 w Interested to know more about our cupping therapy products? Stay tuned!


Enjoy Cupping!


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