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An Introduction to Cupping Massage And Why It Matters Right Now

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“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.”

Thích Nhất Hạnh

With so many ways to care for your health in the world, here's why mindful exploration and an ancient massage technique are the right tools to achieve better health. Despite the various advanced health techniques, innovations, and modernization, there are still ancient practices that are bringing wonders to health and wellness for today’s society.  One of these is cupping massage therapy.

What Makes Cupping Massage an Interesting Practice?

The world continues to be a place of discoveries and wonders when it comes to improving our health condition. However, no matter how many experts we have or innovative medical practices, they seem to be never enough to cover all the health problems we are facing now.

With so much pain and turmoil in the world today, it is truly a miracle to be alive and healthy. The COVID-19 virus has upended regular life in the world and disrupted what was once a healthy medium in our personal lives. Suddenly pain is more common, and soreness of the body is everywhere.

Medical News Today shared in one of its articles how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the whole world.

“Many countries have declared restrictive measures, such as lockdown, shelter in place, or stay at home orders, to contain the pandemic at a local level. However, the wildly differing responses and response timelines have left people wondering if authorities failed to take the situation seriously early on when they could have done more to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.”

Government officials of different countries have also stated that this pandemic not only affected the people physically. It also brings some negative impacts to their mental and emotional well-being. Worse, this has crippled the world’s economy in various ways. A lot of companies are shutting down and millions of workers have lost their jobs.

Some traditional medical techniques use drugs to allay symptoms without addressing the underlying physical issues. Many Taoists believe that cupping helps balance the yin and yang or the negative and positive within the body. It increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed. This may also relieve muscle tension, which can improve overall blood flow and promote cell repair. 

Cupping massage is many centuries old and operates on the assumption that muscles, tendons, and connective tissue can be a source of pain in the body. With a light application of oil and some mindful awareness, you can stretch and massage trouble spots almost anywhere on the body. No drugs required. 

According to, there are two most common methods of cupping in the U.S.: fixed and moving cupping. Fixed cupping is when the cups are placed on a selected area of your body and then left in place without being moved. While during Moving cupping your practitioner applies massage oil or cream on your skin in selected places, puts the cups over the areas to be treated and then slides them around that region of the body. This is most commonly the back or thighs. The cups slide easily because the cream has lubricated the body. 

Included in one of’s articles mentioned are three reasons why cupping might go mainstream. First, celebrity cupping enthusiasts are growing in numbers. Second, athletes use cupping as a secret weapon. Lastly, cupping provides relief for many health conditions, as proven by the many people who have already used it.

Cupping therapy massage is divided into two types: dry and wet cupping. Dry cupping is a suction-only method. On the other hand, wet cupping may involve both suction as well as controlled medicinal bleeding. A more comprehensive explanation about these types of cupping is discussed in an article published on WebMD. says that cupping massage has been used to aid or provide relief to a wide range of health conditions. In one of its articles, it stated that:

“Since the cups can also be applied to major acupressure points, the practice is possibly effective at treating digestive issues, skin issues, and other conditions commonly treated with acupressure.”

The article also stated that cupping massage therapy can contribute to conditions such as acne, cervical spondylosis, shingles, cough and dyspnea, facial paralysis and lumbar disc herniation.

During cupping therapy, you should expect to feel the heat that causes the cup to be suctioned onto the skin. Using alcohol, herbs and paper, a flammable element is heated with fire and placed directly into the cup.

Mayoclinic indicated that cupping may reduce fibromyalgia symptoms more effectively than conventional treatments. Proponents believe that cupping therapy can help increase circulation and promote healing. The procedure is generally safe when performed by trained professionals, but it can cause bruises, soreness, burns and, although rarely, even skin infections. 

You should keep in mind that most medical professionals do not have any training or background in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Some CAM practitioners may be particularly enthusiastic about their methods, even suggesting you skip over conventional medical treatments advised by your doctor.

An article from Hopkins Medicine discusses complementary and alternative medicines. 

It states:

“Touch has been used in medicine since the early days of medical care. Healing by touch is based on the idea that illness or injury in one area of the body can affect all parts of the body. If, with manual manipulation, the other parts can be brought back to optimum health, the body can fully focus on healing at the site of injury or illness. Body techniques are often combined with those of the mind.”

Included practices in body therapies include yoga, chiropractic, massage, and tai chi. There are other interesting kinds of alternative medicines that have been an important part of the world’s search for better health.

So, how can cupping massage help in today’s health conditions?

With all the negativities and difficult times happening right now, stress can be affecting a lot of us. And because of too much stress, our health can be put at risk. That leads to sickness and other bigger health issues.

Mayo Clinic pointed out in one of its published posts the various effects of stress to the body.

“Indeed, stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior. Being able to recognize common stress symptoms can help you manage them. Stress that's left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.”

Stress has various effects on the body, mood and behavior. However, there are various ways on how to manage stress properly. There are various ways on how to manage stress, such as the following:

  • Practice relaxation techniques
  • Practice meditation
  • Perform regular physical activities
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Share happiness
  • Work n your hobbies and other things that make your heart happy

Mayo Clinic also recommends:

“Aim to find active ways to manage your stress. Inactive ways to manage stress — such as watching television, surfing the internet or playing video games — may seem relaxing, but they may increase your stress over the long term. And be sure to get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Avoid tobacco use, excess caffeine and alcohol, and the use of illegal substances.”

Alternative practices such as cupping massage can be an important method that matters now. It can help us get rid of the stress as well as the physical pain that we are experiencing. It can provide comfort and relief to the many health problems that can affect our lifestyle.

Cupping Massage Set from Rave and Rejuvenate

Rave and Rejuvenate (R&R) was founded to help people reconnect the mind and body. We use cupping massage to relax, destress, and even excite the body when the time is right. (Erotic massage, anyone?)

In the future, we will be discussing the parts of the body and how they can be de-stressed and relaxed using simple cupping massage techniques. Massage cupping works on most parts of the body. For example, our Facial Cupping Set allows you to manipulate and massage delicate facial muscles.

The R&R Facial Cupping Set for relaxing and de-stressing delicate facial muscles

Our PRO Self-care Face & Body Cupping Set includes everything you need to massage targeted spots of the body like the face as well as larger deeper zones on the chest, back, and legs. It even includes a soft silicone facial defoliator for a complete body care regimen. This is perfect for anyone who would love to be refreshed and feel better.

   R&R PRO Self-care Face & Body Cupping Set for a total body rejuvenation

Much like a car requires regular maintenance after heavy use, so does the body. With some mindful awareness and regular personal massage, it's possible to greatly reduce the pain and uncomfortableness of daily life. Our body cupping set will give you the body rejuvenation that you deserve.

It’s crucial that we should all aim for better health. Despite all the health risks and issues that we have now, it is still vital to get to know about the different ways on how we can be on our best. We have a lot more to share in the coming days, so be sure to stay tuned and subscribe for any and all updates. That's all for now.


Enjoy cupping and be well!


The R&R Team 







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